How to examine the results of automation workflow?

As you already know there is a new workflow type in ActiveRoles 6.8 – automation workflow that can be run on schedule basis or on demand. But how to examine the running or completed instances of such workflow?


ActiveRoles 6.8 provides Run History reports allowing you to do this. Let's consider the example. There is the OU structure rollout automation workflow below:




How to examine the results of its execution? For this you need to right-click on it in the tree in the ActiveRoles console or Web Interface and click Run History:

Run History report retains history information about the workflow run. For each completed run of the workflow, the report allows you to identify when and by whom the workflow was started, when the workflow was completed, and what parameter values were used. The report also lists the workflow activities that were executed during the workflow run. For each activity, you can determine whether the activity was completed successfully or returned an error. In case of error, the report provides an error description.


Run History report looks like this:

Each report section has:

  • a header that identifies the name of the activity
  • the target object of the activity
  • the time that the activity was executed
  • the name of the workflow containing that activity


If the activity encountered an error, then the text in the header of the activity report section is red.


You can use a Notification activity to distribute the Run History report via e-mail. To add the report to the notification message, select the Attach a report of workflow execution to notification message check box on the Notification Message page when configuring the Notification activity.