How To Generate Realistic Datasets with Toad for Oracle Xpert Edition

You’ve just spent hours writing the SQL that will rule the world. Now, how are you going to test it?

It’s not always practical (or permitted) to subset it from your production data, and it’s not a good use of your time to create thousands of rows yourself. What’s the best way to get your hands on a dataset you can test with?

We designed the Data Generator function in Toad for Oracle Xpert Edition for just this use case.

  1. Select a table in the Schema Browser and request as many rows of data in it as you need for meaningful testing.
  2. Specify the type and format of data (name, address, date, etc.) you want for each column in the table.
  3. For relational data, use Master-Detail Browser to check the referential integrity of your generated data to other tables.

Click on this 3-minute video to watch our John Pocknell walk you through the UI in Toad Xpert Edition and demonstrate how quickly you can go from writing code to testing it: