How to Import Applications into ChangeBASE for a Windows 7 Compatibility Assessment

ChangeBASE helps organizations reduce the risk of a migration by automating the application testing, remediation, packaging and virtualization processes to save extraordinary amounts of time when migrating applications to Windows 7. The first step of a Windows 7 readiness assessment is making the applications suitable for a compatibility analysis. Application compatibility testing is often one of the most difficult parts of a migration because many of the applications are in non-standard MSI formats (e.g. they may be in-house or legacy apps with problematic installation media). The fact is very few organizations have 100% of their applications in a standard MSI format.


ChangeBASE makes it super easy to import a wide range of file formats and even automates the conversion of standard and non-standard applications into MSI equivalent installers for the package. With ChangeBASE, you can eliminate manual application packaging tasks needed to convert standard and non-standard packages.


Check out this 5 minute preview with Quest SC, Mike Russell, on how easy it is to import applications into ChangeBASE for a Windows 7 migration and readiness assessment: