How to manage Office 365 licenses for Office 365 users? ActiveRoles Add-on for Office 365 is the Answer!

ActiveRoles Server Add-on for Office 365 enables ActiveRoles Server to create and synchronize Microsoft Office 365 cloud users, groups and contacts for your on-premises Active Directory users, groups and contacts. To perform data synchronization the add-on uses Quest One Quick Connect.


When you installed the ARS Add-on for Office 365 and configured it, you can see the list of Office 365 license plans and domains on add-on configuration page in ARS console:


Now you can delegate permission to manage Office 365 users, groups or contacts. If you browse for Access Templates, you will see a new folder Office 365:


In my scenario I use "Office 365 - Manage Users" AT.

If you connect to ARS admin site and open user properties, you will see "Create Office 365 user" command:


Start user creation:

Step 1

Step 2

Step 3


When Office 365 user is created, you can update his properties:


Or delete with "Delete Office 365 user" command.




You can use this add-on to create and administer users in Office 365 domains configured for single sign-on (federated domains) provided that you:

  • Don't use the Microsoft Online Services Directory Synchronization tool.
  • Have selected the add-on configuration option indicating that native sync between Active Directory and Office 365 is not activated.

This add-on is able to perform all synchronization tasks required for single sign-on to function, so you can use it instead of directory synchronization tools of Microsoft's.


If Active Directory synchronization using the Microsoft Online Services Directory Synchronization tool is activated, then this add-on can only master licensing of Office 365 users. Microsoft Online Services Directory Synchronization tool can't manage them.