How to Migrate Exchange Public Folder Email Metadata to #SharePoint

If you have used Quest Migration Suite for SharePoint or Public Folder Migrator for SharePoint to migrate Exchange public folder emails before, then you’d have wondered how email metadata gets migrated and preserved. The following is a best practice for migrating Exchange public folder email metadata to SharePoint:


  1. Pre-Stage the SharePoint document libraries to include your email metadata. You do that by extending the schema of the document library with all your columns (CC, BCC, Sender, Subject, Email Address, etc.).
  2. Map the public folder metadata to the SharePoint document library metadata.
  • Launch the Migration Suite or Public Folder Migrator interface.
  • Connect to the target SharePoint site to download the current schema.
  • From the Connections Panel Menu, browse to the Exchange Public Folder/s you want to migrate emails from.
  • Select and copy or drag the public folder/s or emails you want to migrate into your pre-staged document library.
  • On the map metadata screen of the migration wizard, browse to map the source fields with the target metadata.
  • If needed, save your metadata mapping as a template so you can use it again on other migration jobs.
  • Run the migraiton job.