How to run a script from ActiveRoles Server Web Interface (Solution 1)

There can be multiple ways to run the script from ActiveRoles Server Web Interface, but the main idea is the same: make some AD object attribute changes that would be handled by a script.


For example, imagine that we have to run a script to shutdown (or whatever else) a target computer that is selected on ActiveRoles Server Web Interface.


Solution 1.

1) Create a virtual boolean non-stored single-valued attribute for computer account (edsvaShutdown). Don't miss to reconnect your ARS MMC and restart your ARS WebInterface after that.


2) Place this attribute on the computer properties form in ActiveRoles Web Interface

3) Implement a script policy to handle the virtual attribute changes.


Or implement a workflow instead 

4) Go to the computer properties form on ARS Web Interface, set the "Shutdown" checkbox, and click the "Save" button to run your script policy (or workflow)


This way is very simple to implement, but may be not so convinient to use. Well, there are some other ways.

Stay tuned.. (to be continued)