How to run a script from ActiveRoles Server Web Interface (Solution 2)

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Please be noticed that the following instruction is only applicable to ActiveRoles ver 6.9 that will be available soon I believe. We made some improvements on ActiveRoles Web Interface, so here is one of them.

Well, ActiveRoles 6.9 introduces new type of command on Web Interface – Set Attribute Task. It allow having new command that modifies an attribute of selected object, such as user account, group or computer.

Solution 2

1) Create a virtual attribute as described in the previous article (the link above).

2) In ARS WI, go to Customization section and add a new command


3) Specify name and description of the command; select the virtual attribute and its value. Optionally, specify the confirmation message



4) Implement a script policy that handles this attribute modification as describe in the previous article (the link above). Or, implement a workflow.

5) Go to the computer properties form on ARS Web Interface, click on the "Shutdown" command on the left side.

Well, it works