How to simplify Browser Migrations as part of your Windows 7/8 Migration

Have you thought about your web applications as part of your Windows 7 or Windows 8 Migration?

Do you have a proper plan and strategy in place for your browser migration?

Are you struggling with a web application that won't work on the latest version of Internet Explorer?

Do you find on-going browser management challenging and time consuming?


The good news is that help is on hand to simplify browser migrations and on-going browser management.


We recently did a 60 minute live webinar with Gary Schare, President of Browsium who has years of experience in the Browser space. Prior to Browsium, Gary spent 10 years at Microsoft as a Director of various product management and marketing teams. For four of thoses years Gary headed up the Product Management team for Internet Explorer, defining and launching IE 7.


Gary was joined by Ben Cook, one of our Senior Solutions Consultants here at Quest and together, Gary and Ben showed an end-to-end browser migration product demo, starting with how Dell ChangeBASE can identify web application compatibility issues and then moving on to demonstrate how Browsium Ion can remediate compatibility issues.


If you missed this live webinar, don't worry, it is available for on-demand viewing through our website


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