How to Simplify Code Reviews with Code Analysis - New videos on Toad for Oracle Xpert Edition

What’s more fun than code reviews? Almost everything.

Face it – most code reviews are time-consuming and not as effective as you’d like them to be. The goal is to get everybody to write code that’s consistent with your preferred coding standards, but it’s not easy to monitor or enforce that.

The Code Analysis feature in Toad for Oracle Xpert Edition is designed to automate code review and to bring consistency to the process. Based on a library of nearly 200 rules written by SQL experts on the Toad team, Code Analysis lets you select good coding practices like:

“Avoid declaring NUMBER subtypes which have no precision (INTEGER, etc.), and avoid declaring NUMBER without precision.”


“Limit use of FULL OUTER JOIN.”

Use Code Analysis to enforce standards without having to build manual laborious code reviews into your development schedule. In fact, Code Analysis can review code as it’s being written, displaying real-time pop-up messages in response to violations of your coding standards. Development managers and team leads can see the quality of the code across teams and projects through a dashboard.

  1. Select the rules you want your team to observe and preview how Code Analysis will apply them.
  2. Build sets of rules and publish them across the team to standardize on them.
  3. The code editor displays violations so developers can address them either as they write the code or during review.

Watch this 3-minute video of our John Pocknell demonstrating how to use Code Analysis in Toad Xpert Edition: