How using #AttachThis for about 6 months has pretty much changed my life

It happened slowly, like the little tickle at the back of your throat before you get a cold, but something was defintely bothering me about my recent outlook experience. It was hard to put my finger on it but then it hit me, I haven't been using my PST files lately, nor do I think I will again really and its totally the fault of this AttachThis app I started using about six months ago. PST files were how I managed my massive mailbox, and there was a complex symbiotic relationship between my mailbox and my PST storage system much like the symbiotic relationship between euprymna scolopes and vibrio fischeri (look it up, only slightly yuckee).

With the time I saved using AttachThis I can now indulge in my research on

obscure symbiotic relationships like the Bobtail squid and its friendly bacteria


My PSTs go back to 1997 and I have a fairly elaborate system to create and store PST info. I create them in 3 or 6 month junks and have an elaborate naming format. I bring them with me from laptop to laptop as I upgrade and they are, well, vaste.


If you needed that agenda and powerpoint from the meeting in 1999 on why the internet boom was just going to keep going and that was a HUGE opportunity I could find the PST file quick as a whip and get that info to you. But no more, I haven't created a PST file or updated a PST file in months now. I checked my outlook mailbox today and I have emails back to April and I won't have to offload any emails anytime soon as my mailbox is still well below capacity.

Turns out my PSTs are now as useful as the puppet


Also I have been using SharePoint more and more and more. I mean I did use it lot before, but since I mastered the send button I now fire off SharePoint attachments like Steve Wright fires off one liners. Turns out AttachThis was basically forcing me to upload my docs into SharePoint and I didn't really notice. It just became automatic.