I Love My Pajama Pants!

There! I said it. I am not ashamed. I could wear them all day every day. I would never get out of them. I found out quickly that wearing them in public and at the office is socially unacceptable. So what am I to do? Telecommute! When I work from home I am free. Free to wear what I want and sit where I want to do my work. I know all of you feel the same. No one really wants to sit in an office all day when the patio in the backyard is available.


So how can I help others realize this new found freedom? How can I help our partners and services personnel keep from getting on a plane every Monday? Keep them from going through security, getting the “pat-down”, sitting in the middle seat, and eating stale peanuts? Keep them from sleeping in musty hotel rooms, on lumpy beds, watching reruns on TV, while wishing to be at home with their families? I may have found the answer.


If you are a person responsible for delivering migration services to your customer and migrating them to Office 365 then I have the product for you. Quest’s OnDemand Migration for Email (QODME) is the answer. QODME allows you to migrate your customers from anywhere. It uses a combination of WebDAV, Web Services, and IMAP to connect to the source Exchange Servers/Gmail and the Office 365 target. Most customers already have these APIs exposed through Outlook Web Access. With just an administrator account for the source and an account with application impersonation rights in Office 365 you can migrate your customers from anywhere while only using a web browser. That’s right, no software to install. QODME is in our Quest OnDemand platform and only requires a web browser to run.


So the next time you refuse to get out of your pajamas to get on an early Monday morning flight to be on-site at a customer to migrate them to Office 365 think of Quest and OnDemand Migration for Email. Stay in the pajamas, settle into your comfy chair, fire up a web browser and visit the Quest OnDemand Portal. Perform your migration without leaving the comfort and security of your pajamas!