Ideas for new series on "Are you using Stat to its full potential?"

I will be creating a new series "Are you using Stat to its full potential?" Stat has a lot of features, tools, and wizards available and some people may not be aware of them or how best to take advantage of them. In these blogs/papers I will be taking various features within Stat and sharing experiences and thoughts on how I and others utilize them to help identify ways you might be able to take advantage of existing functionality and improve the value you get from Stat. Below is a list of potential topics I thought might be of interest, but I am taking input on other topics you would like to see as well as prioritize the order that you would like to see them. While my area of expertise lies in Oracle Ebusiness, many of these topics are exactly the same whether your PeopleSoft, Oracle Ebusiness, or custom applications. Please don't hesitate to ask for something now or a new topic as my goal is to put out things to add value.

- Issue Tracking (Change Service Request)

- 3rd party ticketing integration

- Web client

- Workflows

- Tracking tasks and time

- Business rules (e-mail notifications)

- Version Control

- 3rd party version control integration

- Lock and reservations

- Migrations

- Mass migrations and release management

- Recovering from environment refreshes

- Recovering/restoring code

- Comparisons of objects

- Oracle Ebusiness patching

- Oracle Ebusiness impact analysis

- Stat security

- LDAP authentication

- Stat wizards

- Service domains

- Adding in custom objects

- Using Stat for non-PeopleSoft/Ebusiness applications

- Auditing and reporting

I look forward to hearing from you,