If KACE Were a Car, What Model Would it Be?

KACE Systems Management

During the weekend, I sit on my sofa relaxing, watching one of my favorite events – NASCAR!

You may be surprised to know that this racing series is one of the most popular events in the world; generating $3.1 billion annually and a following of 75 million fans. Now, there is a stereotype that has come with this sport. Some may instantly think of 40-something-year-old “Bubbas” from the South, drinking beer and wearing cut-off denim shorts, and they wouldn’t be completely mistaken. However, NASCAR has evolved to include a healthy blend of females, kids under the age of 17, and a wide range of ethnic backgrounds. One may say, it is a sport for all – regardless of socioeconomic background.

One of the reasons I love this sport so much, aside from its diversity, is the fact that mechanical engineers can take an average, seemingly practical car like a Toyota or Ford and turn it in to a speed machine, capable of winning races at nearly 200 mph. KACE Endpoint Systems Management has been compared to such cars by many in IT. Yes – I’m comparing systems management to automobiles.

Systems Management is Like Cars

A company’s IT goals will determine which type of solutions (aka: “car”) that company will select. A huge conglomerate that needs to manage several thousands of devices will likely need a Ferrari-type solution. Such a solution is robust and likely needs specially trained professionals to use it. While a smaller company, managing several hundred endpoints will likely choose a more practical “car” that is easy to use, manage, has good safety reports, and is more economical.

When customers were asked which automotive brand best describes KACE, I was not surprised that the results included a wide-range of answers. Kathryn Rhodes, a current KACE customer, described it as a Nissan Altima, because it is, “nice, well built, but not the Ferrari of management software.” Randy Smith said KACE is like a Volkswagen – “It's dependable, and if you maintain it, it will just keep running.” However, another user described KACE as James Bond's Aston Martin. (Yes, KACE has been compared to one of the most iconic automobiles in history!) Bill Curtis said, “Bond’s car and KACE both have more tools than most will ever need, but it is nice knowing that they are there in case you need them.”

KACE Can Do It All

Whether you are looking for a systems management solution that will eliminate manual systems provisioning, automate IT asset inventory and software patching, or if you only need a better way to access your data to ensure better software regulatory compliance. KACE is the fastest, easiest to use, and most comprehensive systems management solution on ‘IT wheels.’

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