Impressive #LotusNotes to #Office365 migration results

I recently received reports of a single Notes Migrator for Exchange machine achieving 5.5 GB/hr migrating from Notes 8.5.2 to Office 365!

With most migrations to Office 365 now reporting between 1 GB/hr and 2 GB/hr for each workstation, I wanted to investigate further to see if we could identify the differences in this environment that contribute to these impressive throughput numbers.

Migration Hardware

The migration machine leveraged a single, quad-core processor and 4 GB of RAM. While this is certainly adequate hardware, it is not exceptional compared with hardware used for other migrations. In addition, the RAM available may actually be less than hardware used for many migrations.

Migration Configuration & Collections

These results were reached with a fairly standard configuration, a collection 21 users, and an 8 thread limit set in NME. If anything, we typically see better throughput with larger collections, so the configuration does not seem to be a contributing factor.


This environment had a 100Mb link and it was actually their backup, so there was minimal activity on the pipe other than the migration. In my experience, this seems to be a relatively unique situation and may have contributed to the results.

Office 365 Environment

I don't have any statistics to back this assertion, but wonder if differences in the European datacenter for Office 365 could also be contributing the performance differential. I believe Office 365 was introduced in Europe after North America, so it could include different/improved hardware, load balancers, networking, etc. In addition, it seems possible that there is currently less traffic and congestion within the European datacenter.

While we don't have a "smoking gun" to explain the performance differential, I thought the information was worth sharing. If you have any relevant examples that may provide additional data points or insight, please add them to the comments.