Improve Backup Performance by 56 percent — I'm Not Kidding

If only you had more time, right? You’d finally start developing that custom app your boss keeps asking you about. Or maybe you’d just get to take a real vacation. But because of the exponential increase in data at your organization, more and more of your time is spent taking care of data protection — overseeing regular backups, troubleshooting failures and restoring data.


Guess what? There is hope. A recent lab report from leading analyst firm ESG has proven that the Dell DR6300 deduplication appliance combined with NetVault Backup 11 offers a 56 percent improvement on the performance of file system multi-stream backups when using the DR appliance as a VTL target. It’s no joke.

The Dell DR6300 deduplication appliance and other DR appliances that use the 13th generation Dell PowerVault servers as well as NetVault Backup 11 have continued to evolve, and together they provide an enterprise data protection solution that enables efficient, scalable, cost-effective, high-performance backup and recovery.

For the tests, ESG Lab validated the ease of use of the combined DR6300 and NetVault Backup solution by executing tasks required to create a backup job. The research team focused on performance improvements in the latest DR appliance models as well as the NetVault Backup single and multi-stream backup capability.

In a nutshell, they discovered that the DR6300 and the NetVault/DR6300 combined solution delivers outstanding performance and flexibility — which is what we all need to keep pace with today’s complex data environments. In particular, NetVault allows for multi-streaming backups, which is huge in terms of getting more done with the little time available in each day.

Take a look at the full ESG Lab Report to get into the nitty-gritty of all the time-saving performance gains of this data protection duo:

 Support for multiple simultaneous backup streams

  • Greatly reduced backup times
  • Options of source- or target-side deduplication
  • Ability to maximize capacity efficiency and cost savings for any workload
  • Ease of management

 And when you’re finished reading, ask yourself this question: Which island do I prefer, Maui or Hawaii?