Improve #SharePoint Performance with this Free @JMikeWatson SSP Monitoring Rule #qsharepoint (for MOSS 2007)

If you are still on Microsoft Office SharePoint Server (MOSS) 2007, then you may be familiar with Shared Service Providers (SSPs). A SSP provides a common set of services and service data to a logical grouping of Web applications and their associated sites. Here is a list of shared services provided by an SSP:

  • Personalization services provides user profiles based on data imported from directory services, My Sites with personal information that can be shared by all users in the SSP and managed by privacy policies, and content targeting by audience, Office client application, or personalization site links.
  • Business Data Catalog provides a single unified schema for data stored in line-of-business applications.
  • Excel Services provides shared worksheets and a way to analyze business data from data connection libraries by using reports in dashboard pages.
  • Office SharePoint Server Search crawls all sites on Web applications using the SSP to create a single index of all content, data, and metadata.
  • Portal usage reporting enables SSP administrators to view aggregated information about site usage across the entire site hierarchy. SSP administrators can also enable usage reporting for administrators of individual sites and site collections.


Microsoft recommends that you use no more than 3 SSPs in a single farm. Each additional SSP that you add to a farm decreases the overall performance of the server farm (


Quest has a free tool that can help you monitor and pinpoint performance issues in your SharePoint server environment and with the help of Mike Watson of and @JMikeWatson, you can monitor the number of Shared Service Providers in your environment and view recommendations for how to maintain SharrePoint performance using SSPs!


  1. Download Quest Software's FREE SharePoint Server monitoring tool called Server Administrator for SharePoint to monitor and analyze your SharePoint performance issues.
  2. Then download and import Mike Watson's FREE SharePoint Celebrity Rule for Server Administrator for SharePoint entitled: Monitor the Number of SharePoint Service Providers Per Farm so you can quickly determine and measure the level of fragmentation in your database indices and take the appropriate action.



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