Inside the SharePoint Admin's Studio - Part One

Discussions with a SharePoint Administrator


Name: Yaiton Ngo
Title: Supervisor, Application Architecture, a.k.a. Quest’s SharePoint Dude
What he does: Manages Quest’s internal SharePoint, which includes:
  • 1 SharePoint farm
  • 740 site collections
  • 2,000 sites and sub sites
  • 1,000 concurrent users
  • 10,000 document libraries
  • 150,000 documents
  • 2,000,000 item versions
Who is Yaiton Ngo?
He’s a low profile kind of guy with big responsibility. In plain English, he is Quest’s SharePoint Dude (he should totally lobby for that as an official title), managing the official Quest Software SharePoint farm with over 740 site collections, 2000 sites and sub sites and thousands of users. That’s a lot for just one guy.
I sat down with him to get inside the mind of a SharePoint administrator and found a case study in Site Administrator for SharePoint!

Site Administrator for SharePoint – The Admin’s Best Friend

The proof is not in the pudding – it is in fact in Site Administrator for SharePoint’s sweet reports!
With so many site collections, sites, users, libraries – you name it – under the umbrella of the official Quest SharePoint farm, management of said farm can be a nightmare for a one man shop like Ngo.
In fact, just finding and knowing about what sites exist can be difficult. But this is where Site Administrator for SharePoint’s powerful discovery wizard comes into play. “At the network level, we use the Discovery Wizard Feature of Site Admin to scan and discover non-supported SharePoint installations and orphaned sites across the network,” said Ngo. “Having this information on hand, allow us to communicate with the owners and work on bringing those environments to a supported SharePoint farm.”
“Site Administrator helps me manage such a big farm. I don’t have that many resources to respond to issues and users requests. Site Administrator helps me get to the bottom of a question quicker.”
In fact, Ngo uses Site Administrator for auditing sites and content. “At the farm level, we use Site Administrator to discover large unused content at the site collection level as well as any duplicate files on a site collection. Then we use the Information Portal to quickly navigate to the affected site and content. Once we get a better understanding of the content, we provide the owners with specific details of the files needed to be cleaned up.”
More than that, Ngo uses Site Administrator to help him police SharePoint and maintain its security. “It helps me define and track what people are doing, such as changing permissions or access key sites. We use the reports to look up user activities, review most used and unused sites, determine growth trends and capacity planning, and audit users and content.” Site Administrator gives Ngo insight into his SharePoint environment and helps him understand what users are doing, what sites are most important and which can be retired, which content is most important and what is just taking up space and research and correct performance issues within sites.
Now with Information Portal, a web-based reporting tool for Site Administrator, Ngo can access these reports from anywhere. “We don’t have to go to the server running Site Administrator physically. I don’t have to grant people higher access to the farms just so they can see their reports, but I can direct them to the Information Portal where they can see their reports and only their reports.”

Making the Case for More Resources

As we can see, Site Administrator has eased the burden of SharePoint management on Ngo. But still, to have one dude managing 740 Site Collections, over 2,000 sites, thousands of users – you get the point – is a lot for one person to handle.
“I get about 200 emails a day related to SharePoint requests,” said Ngo. “There’s only me to answer these. No one else.” So what does a savvy SharePoint Administrator do with Site Administrator for SharePoint at his fingertips? He pulls some reports!
“Site Administrator helped me get the proof I needed to request more support from management,” said Ngo. “I showed management the enterprise reports of SharePoint so they can see the size of what I have to manage. I also used the growth trend reports to show how quickly our SharePoint is growing.”
The result? Upper management saw how vital SharePoint is to many different business units and teams within Quest, so Quest will be getting more SharePoint resources.

The More You Know…

So the moral of this story – Site Administrator for SharePoint is the administrator’s best friend. Administrators are already overburdened with SharePoint requests. Because of the viral nature of SharePoint, many companies don’t realize just how many people and departments within their company rely on SharePoint. Site Administrator for SharePoint will help them…
  • Discover rogue sites and report on all servers and sites found within the network
  • Manage the exploding growth of SharePoint with easy-to-use reporting tools
  • Quickly locate and audit SharePoint sites
  • Arm SharePoint administrators with the proof they need to justify increased investment in SharePoint.
Spread the word, Site Administrator for SharePoint makes Quest's SharePoint administration that much easier!