Inside the SharePoint Admin's Studio - Part Two

We were first introduced to Quest’s SharePoint Administrator Yaiton Ngo in this post. Let’s visit again with Ngo to find out more cool ways he’s using Site Administrator for SharePoint!

Helping Site Owners See Who’s Accessing Their Sites

Have you ever been part of a Ta-Da moment? It’s a wonderful moment full of promise, hope and that unnamed feeling instant millionaires must feel upon first hearing of their good fortune. Most of those moments don’t involve the lottery, but happen when you finally give voice to an impossible wish only to find out it is in fact very possible.


This happened to one of Quest’s Sales Directors. She owns a SharePoint sales portal with over 40 sub sites and had concerned about who had access to it. This director is savvy enough to know how to find this out natively (by going to each of her page’s settings and pulling the list of users), but she’s also savvy enough to know that is a huge waste of her time. “You have to go one by one to each site to pull that information – that’s a very long process.” said Ngo. “She wanted an easier way to see all the users who have access to her sites and which level of permission they have.”


So something that would have taken at least half a day using the native SharePoint permissions tools took Ngo 5 minutes using Site Administrator for SharePoint! Holy Toledo, batman! “We were able to pull all the users who have access to the SharePoint Portal and see what sites they have access to within there and their permissions level.”


What did they find? Over 2,000 users with both SharePoint permissions and inherited permissions from security groups. Native tools will show you security groups that have access to content but it does not allow you to drill down into those groups. Site Administrator does, saving even more time!

“She was very happy about it,” said Ngo. “She was able to change access where appropriate.”

Another Ta-Da moment!

Now the story doesn’t end here! Ngo had his own Ta-Da moment when he said, “It would be great if I could grant her access to Site Administrator as a site owner so she can pull these reports herself and make permission changes herself.”


TA-DA! Site Administrator for SharePoint v4.2 (this was just released) allows site collection owners AND site owners security trimmed access to the Information Portal. There they can see reports about the site collections and sites they own, including action-enabled permissions reports, size, type of documents, least used documents, most used documents and more!

The More You Know…

So the moral of this story – Site Administrator for SharePoint has some sweet new features. Have you checked it out lately? Did you know, Site Administrator…

  • Grants security trimmed access to the Information Portal to site owners and site collection owners?
  • Deliveres action-enabled permissions reports in Information Portal?
  • Searches for users and exposes which sites they have access to, their permission level on those sites and how they were granted those permissions (SharePoint, AD group, inherited).
  • Allows you to drill down into group memberships


Spread the word, Site Administrator for SharePoint just made our SharePoint administration that much easier!

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