Integrating vSphere Client with vFoglight

As a VM administrator you probably use vSphere Client daily to interact with your virtual environment.


Wouldn´t it be nice to be able to drill into vFoglight from the vSphere Client?


If you follow this tutorial you will get a right-click menu option in vSphere Client called vFoglight Explorer that will open up a vFoglight window for that object.


Take a look at below example:

Right clicking on an ESX host and select vFoglight ESX Explorer


Will open a new window in vSphere Client for your selected object.


In order to get this working you need to follow these steps:


  • Download (found under Attachments)
  • Zip file contain two files:
  • vFoglightPlugin.xml (vSphere Client plugin)
  • (vFoglight cartridge)

  • Edit url display in vFoglightPlugin.xml
  • <url display="window">http://CATALYST_URL/console/page/main/system:vsi.1</url>
  • There are 6 url display you need to edit (highlighted in bold).
  • Example: <url display="window">http://vfoglight.local:8080/console/page/main/system:vsi.1</url>

  • Copy vFoglightPlugin.xml to your vSphere Client Plugin directory
  • Example: "%ProgramFiles%\VMware\Infrastructure\Virtual Infrastructure Client\Plugins"

  • Install vFoglight vsi-1_0_2 cartridge
  • Dashboards - Administration - Cartridges - Cartridge Inventory - Choose file - - Install Cartridge


Take a look at the following video where Aaron Newsome (Solutions Architect at Quest Software) show how this is done step by step and demo how it works as well: