Integration with Archive Manager Series: Part 2

In Part 1, I blogged about how you can leverage MessageStats for reporting and analysis . Now with Part 2, I'll discuss the benefits that you gain by leveraging Recovery Manager for Exchange - Archive Manager Edition. You probably never heard of it and you wouldn't have unless you were part of the "Circle of Trust". And that is because this functioanlity was literally just announced in our Archive Manager 4.5 release notification. If you missed the release notification.


My goal is to tell you with Recovery Manager for Exchange - Archive Manager Edition the following just got a whole lot easier:

  • Compare Archive Manager mailboxes against production exchange mailboxes
  • Item level email data & attachments from AM and PSTs into production Exchange
  • Bulk exports of AM mailboxes to PST, EML and MSG while preserving folder hierarchy



Why is this significant?

Discovery: Admins on a discovery mission needs to:

  • Search multiple instances and .psts and export content to .psts. Single federated search across those silos.


  • Search select mailboxes and export while preserving folder hierarchy. Yes I said this again because it was that important.


Archive Manager Deployment Changes

  • Move archived mailboxes from one instance to another. We hear this often due to organizations growing in size and have outgrown their hardware.




Recovery: Admin needs help with “Uh Oh!” moments

  • Implement an Archive Manager policy that you shouldn’t have. No one ever does that right?


  • Accidental deletion of Exchange mailbox or individual messages and need to restore from Archive Manager or PST files. Yeah, we hear this too...



In order to get access to all of this great capability, you don't have to pay for it but there is an administrative process that you will have to follow. Look at the release notification and just follow the process outlined there. There were many other features that were part of the 4.5 release but this was one integration that I'm happy that we were able to deliver and offer it at no additional charge to existing customers who have a valid maintenance contract. Also, I'd like to plug a survey that I request you to fill out. It's 5 short simple questions. This information will be useful as I plan the future of Archive Manager. Please take a couple of minutes to complete the survey.


Thank you in advance for your help!


Best Regards,