Interacting with trace data

Back in March, Cameron Haight posted a blog about APM vendors needing to bring some joy to the market. 

As we have been developing the Foglight APM SaaS Edition, we have been focused on simplifying the APM end-user experience and finding novel ways of enabling users to discover the information hidden in their APM data. I have heard nice feedback about the Investigate portion of the product and how it lets users interact with their raw trace data in something way more than a clinical way.

For those of you not familiar yet with the Investigate UI, it is designed to give advanced performance engineers access to raw trace data. We set out to solve a tackle a challenging problem with this feature—how to help users visualize and understand the impact of multiple dimensions on application requests. As my co-worker Steve Fox pointed out (about the 26:30 point in the video) in a great Velocity session, graphs and charts are limited to 3 dimensions of data. So, when people want to look at more than 3 dimensions, they have to do things like page back and forth between different views, trying to hold the context of the previous view, or craft their own portal style view with custom, but unlinked 2 and 3 dimension charts where they have to infer the relationships across the charts.