Introducing NetVault FastRecover 4.5.1 at TechEd NA

This week at the Microsoft TechEd show, Quest released NetVault FastRecover 4.5.1. And coincidentally, the solution is also in contention for a "Best of TechEd" award in the Backup & Recovery category.

No doubt the judges at Windows IT ProSQL Server ProDev Pro, and SharePoint Pro were impressed with the NetVault FastRecover's ability to instantly restore data stored in Microsoft Exchange, SQL Server, and Windows file systems. (NetVault FastRecover supports Oracle too.)

NetVault FastRecover is technically classified as a continuous data protection (CDP) solution since it continually captures byte-level changes to production servers, eliminating the backup window. But it’s much more than that. Unlike traditional CDP solutions, NetVault FastRecover offers instant recovery for data stored in Oracle and Microsoft applications. Using technology protected by 19 U.S. patents, NetVault FastRecover allows end users to start accessing recovered data seconds after the admin has initiated a restore. There’s no need for anyone to wait for the full recovery before resuming activities.

Because NetVault FastRecover offers instant recovery with zero backup windows, many compare it to replication. But unlike real-time replication solutions, NetVault FastRecover allows you to recover your data back to any point in time. If a file is accidentally deleted or corrupted on the production server, you have the power to turn back time and recover the data to the second before the incident occurred. With real-time replication solutions, this isn’t the case; if a file is accidentally deleted or corrupted on the production server, within a few seconds/minutes the redundant copy will be deleted or corrupted as well.


To demonstrate our point to the judges, we shared how the City of Montebello (outside of Los Angeles) uses NetVault FastRecover to protect its 9-1-1 dispatch system, which relies on a Microsoft SQL Server database. Due to the criticality of the system, they can’t afford prolonged downtime. They chose to NetVault FastRecover for its support for Microsoft SQL Server and instant recovery capability. In the event of a disaster, the City’s dispatchers can start taking calls and processing transactions before the entire recovery is complete. NetVault FastRecover restores the initial amount of data that they need to remain oper­ational; then it recovers the rest of the data in the background. "NetVault FastRecover is irreplaceable," said David Tsuen, System Administrator for the City of Montebello. "Having confidence that I can bring a system back online, there is no way I can put a value on that." Read more about Mr. Tsuen's story here in DCIG's write-up.

Check out the new enchancements in NetVault FastRecover 4.5.1:

  • Now available as an ISO file for fast, easy installation
  • Snapshot protection and FlashRestore™ instant recovery for MS SQL Server 2012
  • Enhanced Support for DAG for MS Exchange 2010
  • Support for Oracle 10g on Windows
  • Scalability Improvements

And be sure to stop by Quest Booth #801 at TechEd to see a demonstration!