Introduction to SharePoint Quester Blog

Hey Folks!


My name is Ghazwan Khairi and I'm a Sr. Systems Consultant at Quest Software with a primary focus on the SharePoint Solution set.


Stemming from daily interactions with customers like you, management of Quest’s SharePoint evaluation labs, and most importantly my eight-year-old passion, SharePoint, I have "finally" launched my personal blog.


The blog will present video tutorials accompanied by detailed instructions on how to work with and configure the different aspects of SharePoint including Enterprise Content Management, Search, Social Computing, Performance & Capacity, Management & Monitoring, and Governance.


I invite you to visit my blog , subscribe to its feeds, follow me on Twitter, my handle is @SPQuester, and Like my Facebook page .


I thank Quest, and especially the SharePoint Business Unit for giving me the opportunity to introduce myself and I look forward to seeing your comments and feedback on my blog!


Ghazwan Khairi a.k.a SharePoint Quester