Is free ever really free? It is with Server Admin from #qsharepoint!

If you’re like me, every time you see a commercial for something that’s “free,” that little calculator in your brain fires up and tries to figure out exactly how much free is going to cost you. Well, we’ve decided (once again) to buck the trend and really offer something for free – Server Administrator for SharePoint. Here’s the deal.


First, what is Server Administrator? This from the Quest website:


Server Administrator for SharePoint gives you maximum insight into your SharePoint server and farm configuration and customizations to optimize manageability, performance, availability and security.


Server Administrator for SharePoint helps you to gain confidence in your SharePoint environment by ensuring your servers and farms are configured properly and conform to best practices. It also prepares you for the upgrade to SharePoint 2010. All of this can be administered and maintained using your current staffing and resource levels.


Ok, so that’s what it does. But the real value comes in what it can do by leveraging its robust rules engine. In other words, you can build your own rules into this or better yet, use rules created by others. That’s right, we’re making Server Administrator free because we honestly feel this product is best served with community involvement.


Here’s what we’re thinking…


  • We plan to have “celebrity rules” where many of the smart people we know in the SharePoint community will build their own rules for your use!
  • We’re also considering a Rules Contest (details to be released in August).
  • As many of you know, this product came to fruition through the creativity of former Questies Joel Oleson and Mike Watson. We’re planning a reunion webcast of sorts to hear their thoughts on this new community initiative (sign up here).


Heck, we’d even encourage our friends at AvePoint and Axceler (that means you, Mr. Buckley) to submit their favorite rules to this unique community effort!


Stay tuned as we turn this product into a real community driver and if you have any thoughts on comments, please let me know.


Until next time,