Is Statistica 13 Really All That Great? (Duh.)

Probably every IT department has at least one cynic who believes that every software maker touts every new release as something earth-shattering. After all, why give software a new number if it doesn’t represent a quantum leap of some kind, right? However, it is arguably true that some releases may disappoint the masses while others may justify their sequential numerations. So, skepticism may be a healthy way of self-regulating one’s expectations.


How does this apply to Statistica 13?

Having said all that, you probably expect that I will now claim the new Statistica 13 really is earth-shattering (it is!) and that you should simply take my word for it (you should!) There actually are specific capabilities within this release that make touting its merits a very easy assignment. However, “earth-shattering” remains a subjective term, so I should not be so crass as to insist you take my word for anything.

Instead, I will gladly let others make that case for me, because this Statistica release is very impressive and people are taking notice. Our newsletter subscribers already received a headful of headlines about Statistica 13, big data, and the Internet of Things (IoT) generated from our recent Dell World event in Austin, TX. Maybe you've run across these headlines yourself in other venues:

On top of Quest own press release, these six articles are but a drop in the bucket of media coverage, but I can tell you that what got journalists and analysts really excited about the Statistica 13 rollout is our software’s application of Native Distributed Analytics (NDA), with which Statistica saves time and effort by pushing algorithms and scoring functionality into your databases, basically analyzing your data — even big data — right where it lives. Statistica 13 distributes analytics anywhere on any platform. When it comes to dealing with streaming data and transfer limitations, NDA will fast become a busy analyst’s best friend.

Meanwhile, you just know there other enhancements in Statistica 13 that will make the user experience more enjoyable and productive with respect to data visualization, workspace GUIs, and more. After all, we had to pack in enough newness to justify that new number 13, right?

Today is a good day to check out Statistica 13 to see what it can do for you and your business. Also, be sure to subscribe to the Statistica newsletter to keep abreast of our latest product info and thought leadership.