"Is there anybody in there?” New #Lync reporting to ensure adoption, ROI without becoming "Comfortably Numb”

Yes! I am making a reference to Pink Floyd’s song entitled “Comfortably Numb” in relation to Microsoft Lync adoption and ROI.


First, I must assure you of a few things before you read on about this intriguing analogy:

  • You will see the connection rather than the juxtaposition between such unlikely topics if you read this post through to the end.
  • The song is not about Pink Floyd’s favorite recreational past-time. So children of the 60s, don’t even think I’m going there.
  • And, no, I do not partake in such past-times, nor am I a Floydian (nor even a Floridian, but I bet a bunch of Floydians are Floridians in their retirement), nor am I even a child of the 60s.
  • I am not going to sell you on the awesomeness of Lync – you already know that, you just want to see where this post is going.

What’s the connection between Pink Floyd and Microsoft Lync?

The primary goal of Microsoft Lync is to improve user productivity and to enhance business processes. But to get to this point, you’ve got to install, deploy and train users on the platform. So basically you’ve got three things invested in a Lync deployment:


  1. Money - racks, shelves, line cards, servers, firewalls, infrastructure, licenses and consultants/partners hired to do the implementation
  2. Time – months of planning, consultant/partner selection, infrastructure building, implementation, training and troubleshooting
  3. Your/IT’s reputation – This is your big bet. The company looked to you to save money in their communication strategy and you found Lync to offer the best ROI.


So now that you’ve spend the money, time and bet your reputation on this tool as a productivity enhancer and money saver, you need to ensure two major things:


  1. Users are being more productive by using the tool
  2. Money is in fact being saved in the long run by such usage


[Enter PINK FLOYD from stage right and the psychedelic guitar riff of “Comfortably Numb”]


Is there anybody in there?
Just nod if you can hear me
Is there anyone home?


All you need is some “information first/ just some basic facts” to ensure usage and ROI. But the native tools you’re relying on to find such usage is fragmented and served up piece-meal, giving you no real way to truly ensure that people are choosing Lync communications over in-person meetings, expensive conference calls and general communications.


So what do you do? Do you build a Wall around yourself? Protect your department’s decision and reputation through a policy of isolation – separating you from the big bet decision because you can’t get the information you need?


Suddenly you wake up one morning, step outside, take a deep breath and scream from the top of your lungs “What’s going on?” (Ok, that last part is from 4 Non Blondes – my generation’s “Comfortably Numb”).


Bringing it home (this blog post and the ROI of your Lync investment)

Ok, some of this is a dramatization, but you get point. You just spent lots of money, time and reputation investing in a Lync deployment, now you need to measure the return on those investments.


Quest proudly introduces MessageStats for Lync, a new solution to enhance the built-in reporting capabilities of Lync Server with high-level overview summaries and detail-level usage reporting and analysis. Armed with usage and trends, organizations can better assess and maximize their adoption of Lync and are also able to recoup their costs through chargeback to departments for usage.


  • Maximize Lync Investment: Assess Lync usage at a detail-level (IM, file transfers, enterprise voice, audio/visual conferences, online meetings, peer-to-peer sessions) and determine adoption rates so that you can put programs in place to maximize Lync usage and ensure that its benefits are fully realized
  • Chargeback for Use: Create custom usage reports and determine appropriate billing and chargebacks
  • Track and Trend Server Usage: Monitor Lync Server usage to better plan for server growth and infrastructure budget requirements



Just see how our customers are able to get ROI insights into their Microsoft Lync investment made possible through the usage reporting available in the MessageStats for Lync reporting solution (click each to enlarge):



Read more MessageStats for Lync testimonials here.



See MessageStats for Lync reporting in action in this short recorded webcast: “Microsoft Lync: Is your organization effectively using it?