It ain't Vegas, but we're still makin' big bets @Quest #qsharepoint!

At Quest, we speak internally about placing bets. We can’t do everything, so as a company, we have to analyze myriad opportunities and then, from time to time, decide to “place new bets or amp up existing ones.” Recently, Quest decided to “amp up” its already considerable bet in the SharePoint market. The executive management team has stepped up and enabled us to not just continue on our growth trajectory, but to *really* grow. As a result, we’re making substantial investments in this business and we might be able to use your help

Recently, we added Brad Koesters to the team as our SharePoint-focused partner manager. There are a large number of SharePoint-specific partners (we call them “Smartners”) out there doing projects all over North America and the world. Brad’s charter is to develop programs focused at Smartners so as to then leverage the mighty Quest partner team to encourage these Smartners to become Quest Smartners. If you are interested in learning more about these programs, please reach out directly to Brad.

In addition, we’re growing sales, development, marketing – basically, you name it and we’re accelerating our growth in these areas. Here’s just a quick look at some of the openings. You can find more details about these roles on

  • Two more field specialists for SharePoint in North America and Europe
  • A global SharePoint sales leader
  • A whole bunch more SharePoint sales reps in North America, Europe and Australia as well as more pre-sales system consultants (SCs) in public sector and Australia
  • A strategic product manager/CTO
  • Marketing folks such as a campaign manager and a field marketing person in Europe and
  • Hoards of developers

As a company, we are somewhere between thrilled and ecstatic by our growth and our prospects for accelerated growth and you should be too. It means better products faster as well as more products to control the chaos of your SharePoint environment. I’ll keep you posted as we move down this path as I am confident this will be the best thing for Quest - and you!

Until next time.