It's Spring Cleaning…for file servers that is.

No we’re not talking about cleaning your kitchen or vacuuming your den, but rather cleaning up your old files before migrating to a new server. Let me explain what I mean, if you've made the investment to migrate all of your files from an old server to a new server, you'll want to make sure that you aren't carrying your previous problems to your new environment.


Just like dirt, improperly permissioned files and incorrectly deleted user permissions build up over time. It’s not like you save the dirt you collect in one room and bring it to a new room, right? So if moving files to a new server, why carry all the incorrectly permissioned data with you? All kidding aside, when permissions are delegated improperly, they can cause major security risks to your company which can result in inaccessible data, compliance issues, or even worse, data could compromised.


If you are considering a file server migration this spring, think about doing some “spring cleaning” for your data by downloading Security Explorer and try FREE for 30 days - You can use Security Explorer to manage, back/recover, search, and report on access controls for Windows Servers. Security Explorer helps ensure that the data you migrate is squeaky clean, without using Mr. Clean.


Once you used Security Explorer to find and modify data that is incorrectly permissioned, you can use Secure Copy FREE for 30 days - it's perfect solution for copying all of your data safely and easily. See more about Secure Copy on our website.


Happy Migrating!



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