It’s Time to Take the #EarthDayisEveryday Pledge

Earth Day

Each year when Earth Day rolls around, we see dozens of posts from organizations about Earth Day. Usually, the posts discuss how to celebrate Earth Day. This is all well and good, and important.

However, I feel our world has outgrown Earth Day and is in need of an Earth pledge. What do I mean by an Earth pledge? Well, I’m talking about making a pledge to treat every day as a day to take care of the Earth. Instead of celebrating Earth only on Earth Day, I pose the question: why can't Earth Day be everyday? 

To get you started on the pledge, I’ve compiled a short list of my favorite ideas that you can start implementing in the office and your daily life.

1. Change Your Commute Up

Try biking or walking to work if you live within a couple of miles from your office. Or, set up a carpool with coworkers. You’ll bond with colleagues, save money on gas, and help the environment. Win-win!

2. Work From Home

What? You mean working from home is green? Yes, it can be. If you can telecommute, you’ll save on your transportation expenses and the energy used during your commute. Feel free to send your boss this blog and tell him/her that you’re just trying to save the world.

3. Take the Stairs

Yes, this is also exercise, but (stay with me) you’ll save electricity by skipping the elevator and using the stairs instead.

4. Use Less Paper

This is a little obvious, but it’s important to mention. When possible, default to sending information electronically. If you must print, use both sides of a sheet of paper. 

5. Recycle E-Waste

Got old electronic appliances gathering dust at your home? Finding a place to recycle your e-waste has never been easier. Check out this EPA tool.

6. Unplug Energy Vampires

Phantom energy is energy that is used when items are plugged in, but not in use. It’s been reported that phantom energy adds 87 billion pounds of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere annually. One easy way to get started? If devices are plugged into a power strip, simply flip the switch after you are done!

Making the Earth Pledge

At our organization, we keep the Earth in mind year round. For example, the majority of our lights have sensors, or are time controlled, and our cooling system is used only during business hours. We also do participate in recycling and most folks in the office use reusable water bottles, which cuts down on use and pollution of plastic.

So, what will you do for this upcoming Earth Day? Will you make a pledge to be more Earth conscious all year round? Let us know in the comments below!