ITNinja Spotlight: Barcode Asset Management with the K1000

From time-to-time, we like to showcase articles from This is a snippet of an article which details a simple yet effective method for using barcodes with the K1000 appliance. The article is exceptionally well-written and we’d like to shine the spotlight on this gem: Click here for the full version of the article

The use of barcodes, and similar technologies, is becoming standard practice for asset management in many institutions. Often we will see these barcodes on computers, monitors and printers but they can be applied to many other things including locations, vehicles and more. The difficult part is managing the barcodes in a simple-to-use manner.

The K1000 has the ability to get you started in simple barcode asset management right out of the box. The K1000 Systems Management Appliance contains the ability to record any type of asset you wish so there is no reason a barcode could not be one of them!

While there are many best practices for using barcodes in many different institutions, by utilizing the K1000 Asset Management solution you can start managing and keeping track of your physical assets via barcode in an easy-to-use basic manner. Read the full article linked above and get creative with modifying it to fit your specific needs!