ITNinja Spotlight: Repackaging Applications

From time-to-time, we like to showcase articles from This month we wanted to cous on the concept of repackaging. Repackaging in summary, is “The process of creating a customized installation using an already packaged installation”. In other words, putting something in a box that makes more sense than the one it shipped in. We’ve all re-boxed gifts that were oddly shaped and couldn’t be wrapped easily- same concept.

Repackaging is not for or sub-ninjas. Application repackaging has many pitfalls, dangers, and secrets known only to the artist.Yes- artist. Repackaging is more art than science, as the software design and packaging industry has very few rules. If you’re up against a wall, and considering repackaging- it’s likely because all other avenues have been exhausted as dead ends. Repackaging has some advantages: you can configure the install, you control what’s going on, and you get a nice MSI that’s easy to deploy. Disadvantages include requisite software failures during deployment, including bits you didn’t mean to, limited or no vendor support, and more. In most cases we should allow repackaging to be a last-resort; try hard not to use it- trust us.

Here’s a few of our favorite resources from ITNinja that will help you better understand what path will lead you to deployment bliss: