Its #BaconFriday! To each his own #bacon for #SharePoint #governance

 Recently, my Google Alert for bacon alerted me to this blog post on Bacon Crimes Against Humanity by Andrew Freeman. Here’s the crux of Mr. Freeman’s post:

I’m a bacon purist living in a paradise with my only fears being a bacon shortage and bacon abuse.

And abuse is rampant.

The author brings up a good point. Bacon in its truest form is amazing, sizzling, yummy! Yet this fascination with the cured meat of a pig has produced some interesting results: bacon tooth paste, bacon ice cream, bacon mints, bacon briefcases, etc.


UGH – who wants that?! I thought. But then I realized I wasn’t being very tolerant or accepting of people’s rasher fascinations. If people want to slather bacon sunscreen on their face, then they should. Who am I to say that the application of pig fat on one’s self is wrong?



 Yet just because one can slather on bacon sunscreen – and just because I am trying to be more accepting of such a lifestyle choice – doesn’t mean one should do so without some governance in place, a plan for when, how and in which settings to apply the gelatinized pork slab on one’s skin. Witness these two examples:


  1. It’s a beautiful sunny day and your lounge chair next to the pool is calling. It’s a perfect time to use that breakfast inspired sunscreen *ACCEPTABLE use of bacon sunscreen*
  2. But now imagine this same scene, yet you’ve invited a guest by the name of Hannibal Lecter. Slathering on the sizzling scent of pork may be too savory a temptation for your guest who may decide to have his own “breakfast” at your place *UNACCEPTABLE use of bacon sunscreen*


Get the point? Like Bacon, SharePoint can be used for most anything. Your organization may choose to push the boundaries beyond all SharePoint mores. It may not be to the taste of other organizations, but for you it’s a productivity enhancing machine so you can deliver on the promise of your business – educating, saving lives, meeting your quarterly quota, entertaining folks, etc. Do with SharePoint as you best see fit. Yet don’t forget the SharePoint governance plan – the acceptable and unacceptable uses of your unique SharePoint environment.


Each governance plan is no more the same to another’s plan than is your SharePoint; but there are some basic similarities, a basic framework from whence to start and use as a guide to ensure you are using your bacon sunscreen and your SharePoint in the most acceptable and productivity enhancing ways.


Check it out in this short video to learn what those basic SharePoint governance principles are:


Now, go govern SharePoint and bring home the BACON!