Joint Gartner Webinar - It's all about the data - migrations and beyond

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Date: 26th September

Time: 8:00 PST / 11:00 EST / 16:00 GMT / 17:00 CET

It’s all about the data – migrations and beyond

Join Gartner expert Mike Silver’s and Ann Maya, senior ChangeBASE product manager, Quest, to hear about solutions that customers are using to move forward beyond migration.

You know that Windows XP is reaching its end of life next April. Yet, many organisations are still on XP, opening up the real possibility of having to pay considerably for extended support. So why the delay?

Application compatibility is one of the major obstacles for enterprise Windows 7/8 migrations but there are also concerns about ongoing application management.

With customers’ requirements to better manage the move towards supporting BYOD, the need to integrate systems for better data mining, the desire for solutions that can be hosted in the cloud and “self-service” application delivery solutions – the landscape for application management and application readiness is constantly changing. The focus is veering from pure migration efforts to ongoing application lifecycle management.

Attend this Quest webcast featuring Gartner expert Mike Silver to discover:

  • Why organizations have been slow to move off XP
  • What we can learn from organizations that have migrated successfully
  • Top considerations for ongoing application lifecycle management beyond migration
  • The importance of an optimized workflow management process

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