K1000 Kloser Look: Agentless Inventory

The K1000 Agentless technology, which was introduced with version 6.0 has limitless possibilities. Agentless is most commonly used for inventorying devices that we might not otherwise have an agent installed on. This might be a mission critical server that you want to keep safe from accidental updates, or it might be an operating system that an agent doesn’t exist for.

The new Agentless functionality enables K1000 appliance administrators to add these devices to the inventory and poll them periodically, keeping the inventory record updated and relevant. Here are great articles that will help you get started scanning these two common scenarios:

Windows- https://support.quest.com/kb/133156

ESXi: https://support.quest.com

The concepts and methods detailed in these articles can, of course, be used against other similar types of OSes. Think of what you have that’s not in your appliance- now you can have it inventoried if you want!