K1000 Kloser Look: Metering 101

The K1000 metering tool received a major upgrade in 5.5 with the addition of the new Software Catalog. The catalog allows you to more precisely meter suite application than ever before. This is a simple 3 step process to begin metering your applications to see long term usage data to help you save money come license renewal time. In 6.0 that same catalog improved application control also, but we’ll talk about that another time.

To meter applications- The first thing you need to do is determine the software applications you need to meter. This sounds easy, and it is, but you still need to spend a few minutes to think this through. Metering office can allow you to downgrade people from “Office Pro Plus” to “Pro” or “Standard” saving you money. While many employees will need Outlook, Word, Excel, and PowerPoint they may not need some of the more powerful tools such as InfoPath or Access.
The K1000 metering tool allows you to view the usage of these items on per application and/or per suite, from a per machine basis. Once you’ve determined your applications simply browse to Inventory à Software Catalog à search and click on the desired software title. From the catalog detail page for the application, simply check the box “Metered” in the top left corner of the display window. This will meter application usage for all labels where metering is enabled. A Device label can be configured for metering in the Label Management screen, or at the time of creation.

After you’ve performed these tasks it is simply a waiting game to see who uses these applications and how often. This can be gathered from a report or by way of individually viewing the software catalog for the metered item. Remember give more than a few days, and weeks really, for quality usage data to be collected.