K1000 Kloser Look: New Operators!

One of the great new features in version 5.5 was added into the Reporting and Smart Label modules. Several new Operators were added: For example: is within next, is not within next, is within last, is not within last, before now, after now, etc.

These new options allow you to view data with a date and compare it to the current date for reporting purposes or machine label purposes. Once you’ve selected the proper Operator you can now select your value. You enter a value in the box and the dropdown box gives you the options: minutes, hours, days, weeks, months and years. So you can filter information based upon the last 60; minutes, hours days etc…

This allows you to configure reports to look at items within a specific time in the past, or events that are scheduled to happen within a specific time in the future. This makes life easier when creating helpdesk reports to view “Time Closed within the last XX days”. This feature allows you to filter tickets and many other items with a date stamp easier. While the feature isn’t available for every search criteria, it is there for many of the more commonly selected items in reporting to make life easier!