K1000 Kloser Look: Power Management

The K1000 can be utilized to manage power usage of machines in your environment.  The K1000 can accomplish this in several ways, using scripting we can shut machines down, or simply put them in a snooze state. There is also a power management wizard in the Configuration Policy tab in Scripting, this will allow you to configure power settings on your laptops, both mac and windows machines.

Once you’ve turned your machines off you can now use the Wake On Lan Tool to turn machines on that were shut down overnight, this can be scheduled to run specific time so that machines are on waiting for use when people get in for work. You will need to configure your network environment for the WOL packet to be sent to the targeted machines properly.

Also the K1000 has built in reports; you can view these by using the “View By” option in the top right drop down under the Reporting tab. Some reports estimate yearly savings of the power management settings, you will need to change the default per kilowatt price to your local price.

You can also create custom scripts to help you with your power management settings or modify the existing ones to fit your specific needs.

Be a double hero in your organization by being green and saving money!