K1000 Kloser Look: Uninstalling Applications

 Have you been struggling with trying to figure out how to uninstall unwanted applications from your users’ workstations? You know the K1000 can do it – multiple ways, in fact – but which way works best? There are so many unwanted applications – and so many versions! Where to begin?

Managed Installs and Scripting both make it easy to remove unwanted applications. Use the Configuration Policy in the Scripting engine; or use a Managed Install configured manually so you can provide the uninstall command line and switch on the option for uninstalling. ITNinja.com is a great resource for finding uninstall procedures, commands, and tips. Here’s an example of a script that might be useful for defining a text string for the name of a product, then removing all versions of it: http://www.itninja.com/question/google-earth-uninstall

Of course, then you’ve got to ensure they won’t just re-install it all over again, right? Maybe we’ll cover that next month…

Do you want to learn more about application uninstalls? You’re in luck! We’ve got an upcoming KKE on that very topic: Application Uninstalls – Thursday, March 20th!