K1000 Kloser Look: Why use SSL?

D id you know that by putting your appliance in your network’s DMZ, you can use the K1000 GO app on your Android or iOS device? This allows you to manage tickets while you are mobile, deploy software to devices, and view detailed system inventory information to aid you in the field. With the 6.0 release of K1000 it will also allow users to create and update their tickets. That’s pretty handy. Another reason for an appliance to be exposed to incoming web traffic would be managing clients outside the network and VPN. Or, maybe you just want to be able to run reports from home without logging into the VPN; Whatever the reason, make sure you’re doing it safely.

We wouldn’t put our money on our front lawn in a big bag marked “My Money, please don’t steal”, would we? Probably not, so let’s protect important data the same way and use SSL to encrypt the traffic. All of your Dell KACE appliances are capable of using SSL so that you can encrypt web communication between a client device and the appliance. This protects usernames, passwords, device data, and other sensitive information that may be passed along during normal web communication with these appliances. This allows you to safely support clients that are inside, or outside your firewall and feel confident you are safe from prying eyes. We recommend using certificates from known and trusted vendors. Some of the many top qualified Certificate Authorities are VeriSign , ThawteComodo, and GeoTrust. Different Certificates can have different costs and there are  multiple types of Certificates. We do not recommend one over another.

IT Security is no laughing matter; the K1000 has a lot of reach on your network and a lot of data about your environment. If you do expose your appliance to the Internet- Enable SSL, Ensure you’re using the most current versions of server and appliance, and be sure to apply any hotfixes quickly if they become available- just as you changed all passwords and began investigating possible issues to every tool and service you use when Heartbleed was revealed… Right? Listed above you will find a vulnerability hotfix, and our response to Heartbleed.