K1000 v5.5 - Integrated Software Asset Management (SAM)

Available now! Current Quest KACE Kustomers can download the new update here.   Keep reading to see what is in the new K1000 v5.5!

Software Metering with the K1000

The K1000 v5.5 System Management Appliance will deliver integrated Software Asset Management (SAM) to help organizations with software license optimization and compliance solution easily and effectively without requiring complicated software or point solutions. In addition to SAM integration, the K1000 is also expanding on it’s already robust set of capabilities. Check out all of the enhancements that are part of the new K1000 v5.5 features:

Software Asset Management (SAM) -   The K1000 v5.5  integrates with the Quest Application Catalog (QAC) and provides a comprehensive software discovery and reconciliation capabilities that enables you to accurately and reliable track software assets for licensing to avoid sub-optimal usage and non-compliance.

  • Software Catalog  - The Quest Application Catalog (QAC) is a normalized, internet based catalog that houses millions of executables and nearly 50,000 software products from thousands of publishers that is updated daily. QAC performs a deep interrogation of all files on an end point where important characteristics are capture. The discovery is then compared against a dynamic software catalog of known applications. The catalog is maintained through Quest research, customers who crowd share their discovery results, and customer submitted requests for individual applications. And unlike other software catalogs on the market, QAC is updated daily and can be downloaded as frequently as desired.
  • Software Version Rollups – The K1000  automatically maps minor versions up to the parent package to enable tracking the licensing and usage across major versions for a clear picture of your software landscape.
  • Suite Recognition – The K1000 is able to discern whether an application has been installed in a standalone mode or as part of a greater software suite to enable you to accurately budget software purchases.
  • Automated metering – The K1000 allows you to view usage information more accurately based on when an application is actually run, thereby allowing them to easily identify underutilized software and harvest it for use elsewhere.

Improved hardware discovery - Improved inventory of hardware characteristics provide you with an even more accurate view of what their end points looks like. A better view equals a better understanding of possible compatibility issues as well as understanding the effort to upgrade or replace applications as part of any OS migration.

Patching Enhancements - Building on the K1000’s already vast operating system and 3rd party application patching capabilities, the K1000 now has full WSUS content parity. You can now jettison that extra infrastructure. One less thing for you to keep track of, manage and integrate because the KACE appliance now does it for you.

Smarter Smart Labels- Smart Labels in the KACE Appliance provide a means for total automation. in the new K1000 v5.5 release, Smart Labels have gotten even smarter. The ability to add ‘n’ levels conditions allow you to easily automate specific tasks that are important to your organization without requiring any scripting.

Single Sign On - The K1000 v5.5 has extended Active Directory’s trust in order to provide single sign-on capabilities for both the End User Portal and the Appliance’s management interface.

Still hungry for more information? Then read our white paper “Software License Optimization and Compliance: 10 Best Practices“,   or check out our Software License Compliance Datasheet.

The new K1000 v5.5 release will be available for download the second week of August. Stay tuned to this post for more details.