K1000 version 6.2 is available!

 K1000 v6.2 is now available for all customers. For new features, system requirements, upgrade instructions, resolved issues, and known issues, please see the K1000 v6.2 Release Notes available here.

Please note the following upgrade paths:


Current K1000 Server Version Upgrade Path to K1000 6.2 GA
K1000 Server 5.5x Upgrade to server 6.0.101863, then upgrade to server 6.2.
K1000 Server 6.0.101863 or 6.0.101864 Upgrade directly to K1000 Server 6.2.
K1000 Express 6.1.104129 or 6.1.106767 Purchase full K1000 license, then upgrade directly to server 6.2.


Current K1000 Agent Version Upgrade Path to K1000 6.2 GA
K1000 Agent 5.4x and lower Upgrade to Agent 5.5.30276, then upgrade to Agent 6.2.
K1000 Agent 5.5.30276 and higher Upgrade directly to K1000 Agent 6.2.
  • The K1000 Server 6.2.109329 upgrade kbin is available here
  • The K1000 Agent Bundle 6.2.1020 kbin is available here