K2000 Kloser Look: Applying User States Using an External Share

If you’ve ever captured User States (profiles) with the K2000 and wondered how to deploy them from an external Windows share without having to re-image that machine, we have the FAQ for you!

You’ll need windows AIK, a windows share on your external device (like the K1000), and some Profiles. Here are the basic concepts and tasks you’ll wak through. See the article on Kace.com for the full details.

  1. Create a folder named usmt like: \\server\share\usmt
  2. Create a folder named users like above
  3. Create a folder named user_backups  like above (Optional, see article for details)
  4. Copy the c:\program files\windows aik\tools\amd64  folder to the usmt folder on your shared drive
  5. Copy the c:\program files\windows aik\tools\x86  folder to the usmt folder on your shared drive
  6. Download the user state file (.mig) from your K2 and place it in the users folder on your shared drive.
  7. Make sure you change the default name USMT.mig to something meaningful, like the user’s name:Jerry_Anderson.MIG.
  8. Now the MIG file could be used manually, via scripting, or other means.

Click here for a link to the article (FAQ# 114327) on the Kace Support site.