Know what I hate? Reviewing edited docs. Nevermore with #quest #sharepoint #adoption

You’ve all lived through the soul-crushing process. I know you have. If you’ve ever been a desk jockey, a paper-pushing middle manager or understand the comedic reference to a red stapler, you’ve lived this dream.

Step 1) Create a document. It could be Word, PowerPoint, doesn’t matter.     

Step 2) Email it to the proverbial “project team” of nine other employees that are absolutely vital to the success of the project.

Step 3) Each person adds their own personal touches to your work of art with “Track Changes” on.

Step 4) You print out nine versions of the document and try to reconcile, “great comment” with “you are so wrong here, it should say X.”

Step 5) You take ten minutes of sick time so as not to kill someone.

Step 6) During your ten minutes of sick time, practice your favorite Bill Lumbergh quotes


Well, say goodbye to those days. Attach This solves that problem. Simply install AttachThis, which takes about two minutes (no foolin’). Then, the next time you send a document to the team for review, AttachThis puts it in the SharePoint site of your choice and sends your team members the link. This way, all their changes are collected into a single document and you won’t have to contemplate the relative merits of a four-story plunge versus reconciling inane commentary.


Save your sanity – install AttachThis today! Here’s how…visit


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Happy editing, everyone!