Learn About #Email Discovery in this #Osterman Whitepaper

Many of us wondered whether email would survive the test of time and social media tools. But the volume of email and other electronic content is growing at a rapid rate, according to research published by Osterman Research. And, as email stores grow, the need to be able to produce email content to comply with a discovery request is critical. Failure to produce all relevant content for legal discovery can result in fines, adverse legal judgments, court-imposed sanctions, and loss of goodwill.


Read “Why Basic Email Discovery Capabilities are Important for your Business” and learn more about the importance for all companies – regardless of size – to have an email discovery solution that satisfies legal obligations in a timely manner.


And, we'd encourage you to play with one solution from Dell that can help you with email discovery called Recovery Manager for Exchange, without loading any software on your desktop. It can help you easily assemble email content in response to an ediscovery request, using advanced search capabilities. And, once the content is assembled, it can be exported in your choice of formats making it easier for reviewers to examine the content. Try it today.