Leveraging virtual platforms for better physical DR - Opportunities with P2V conversion

Eric Slack, a senior analyst for Storage Switzerland posted a recent article on Search Storage about server virtualization and how it enables better Disaster Recovery. Everyone knows good and well about the challenges that virtual platforms have created for legacy data protection vendors. Eric's thoughtful article reminds us of the opportunity that virtual platforms bring as well. In particular, Eric reminds us that "physical servers can still realize some of the benefits of virtualization for disaster recovery, through the use of physical-to-virtual (P2V) conversion software." P2V provides a unique flexibility to provide physical system protection at a fraction of the time and effort normally associated with physical backup and recovery. Bringing up a mirror copy VM of a physical machine provides immediate operational capabilities while a new physical machine is provisioned. When coupled with V2P functions, it's possible to come full circle with physical DR: P2V2P conversion capabilities to support multiple use cases.