LiteSpeed and 'Differential backups'

Hello! As the new PM for LiteSpeed for SQL Server, I'm extremely happy to be here on this blog. While I catch up on all things backup and recovery for SQL Server, one thing has become clear. DBA's don't seem to like doing differential backups. From what I gather from numerous customer calls, it seems that the current process for establishing a backup process that includes diff's and then ensuring these diff's work according to the predefined schedule and escalation rules is a huge pain in the a**. Well, that's actually great to hear, believe it or not. Why? Because our advanced compression technology for managing differentials fully automates the process of performing diff's and enforces contingencies for the differential process so that both size and dates of diff's have an impact on when the next full will take place. We'll be providing much more around this advanced compression as we just released 5.1.1.