LiteSpeed Wins Editors Choice Award From SQL Server Pro Magazine

Orin Thomas of SQL Server Pro Magazine recently reviewed three SQL Server Backup Compression products including Quest LiteSpeed for SQL Server. LiteSpeed for SQL Server was rated 5 out of 5 stars and won Orin's Editor Choice Award.


Orin’s specific feedback on LiteSpeed was terrific. He noted that “LiteSpeed is a sophisticated and mature product that lets you perform a broad array of SQL Server database backup and recovery tasks” and that LiteSpeed “Vastly simplifies the process of object-level restore.”


In addition, at the end of the article, he identified LiteSpeed as the superior choice among all three products he reviewed, noting that “Choosing between Acronis Recovery, LiteSpeed, and SQL Backup Pro will depend on your needs and license cost considerations. LiteSpeed is my editor's choice because of its comprehensive array of features and polished interface.”


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Steve Paravola

Product Marketing Manager for LiteSpeed for SQL Server and LiteSpeed engine for Oracle.