Looking at Customer Requirements for Multi-Platform Database Monitoring

Since I've been in a role where my responsibilities cover Quest's cross-platform database performance monitoring solutions (a mouthful, i know), one of the things I'm keen to better understand are the challenges our customers are having in managing their databases. Seems simple enough - and we think we have a pretty good idea what the primary pains are anyway - juggling multiple database platforms and various versions of those, different DBA teams responsible for combinations of those, different data sources giving back different metrics, broad infrastructure monitors not going deep enough, single platform tools not going broad enough.... in order to determine what people are really thinking, we decided to ask them (genius, I know).


We partnered with Unisphere to survey DBA Managers to learn what they have to say about what their challenges are and how are they addressing them. The results showed:


  • The vast majority of IT and data managers work with more than one database platform, sixty percent of which run three or more. Respondents noted a variety of challenges that arise as a result of these multi-platform environments – from managing licensing costs to dealing with inconsistent performance data and more.



  • While more than 75 percent of respondents use different tools to manage each platform, most users find this approach is only marginally effective. The results emphasize that while many inherent challenges exist as a result of database proliferation, most approaches to managing these issues fall short.


Of the top 9 challenges that people pointed out, Foglight database solutions solve 8 of them – not a bad result. There are a lot more interesting insights in the survey report. You can download it from the Quest Website.