Looking for a More Efficient GroupWise Migration?

If you are looking for ways to speed your migration from GroupWise to Exchange, you should consider direct connection.

Direct connection is a native GroupWise option for connecting to the post office. The standard connection is a client/server or TCP/IP connection, which is the preferred and recommended approach for everyday connection between GroupWise client and post office. On the contrary, direct connection goes directly through the file system to the post office files.

GroupWise Migrator for Exchange (GME) is designed to leverage the direct connection option (if configured to do so), which can be valuable for (at least) two reasons during a migration:

  1. It provides a seamless way to stage or pre-migrate data without impacting the production environment. By migrating directly from a back-up copy of the post office files, data can be efficiently staged to the target environment prior to the "cutover" migration. This is especially true in distributed environments with limited bandwidth.
  2. Migrating with direct connection is more efficient and can provide significant throughput improvements. The efficiencies result from bypassing the GroupWise services (e.g. POA) and minimizing the reliance on the resources of the post office servers. Therefore, "your results may vary" depending on the current resource capacity of the post offices, etc. However, the impact can be dramatic in many environments. One of our customers reported that migration throughput would not exceed 400 MB/hr. As a result, a Solutions Architects is onsite this week to analyze the situation. After switching to a direct connection from the migration machines to the post office, the throughput peaked at 17 GB/hr and settled around 10 GB/hr as calendar items were processed (smaller average size per item). In case you are wondering, they are using a single migration machine! The specs are:
      • Windows Server 2003
      • 4 Core @ 2.0 GHz
      • 16GB RAM /PAE
      • 10 Gig nic

In order to capture the advantages of Direct Connection, keep the following in mind:

  1. The post office(s) must be configured to allow both client/server and direct connection. In many environments, direct connection is disabled.
  2. GME must be installed and allowed to establish itself as a Trusted Application
  3. If you are planning to use direct connection to stage data from an offline copy, both of the above items must happen prior to taking a back-up of the post office

Happy migrating!