Make large scale imaging and Windows migration a snap with K2000's more powerful task engine and multicasting

Systems imaging, especially on a large scale, is complicated and time consuming.  You have to worry about a multitude of factors – multiple images with complex configurations, ever growing application portfolios, remote sites with minimal IT support, and an increasingly heterogeneous environment with multiple hardware and operating system platforms.  The increasing acceptance of BYOD makes the whole process even more complicated.  And, you have to keep your end users satisfied – they want to have all their data and settings on their new machines or new OS image with minimal disruption to their work day.

All this adds to the day to day stress of an IT administrator’s job.  The stress is even higher for administrators in organizations that have not completed their migrations from Windows XP to Windows 7 or 8 before the impending end of XP support by Microsoft on April 8th. 

You can reduce the stress for you and your end users with the latest features added to the Dell KACE K2000 Systems Deployment Appliance.  K2000 makes it easier for IT organizations to meet their systems deployment and OS imaging needs.  Architected as an appliance, either actual or virtual, the K2000 is easy to deploy, up and running in less than a week for majority of customers, and easy to operate.  The latest release of K2000 v3.6, released on January 15, 2014, is focused on making large scale deployments faster, more efficient and more reliable, and introduced two new major capabilities to the appliance. 

First is multicast deployment.  Multicast enables K2000 to send the same image data bits to multiple systems (typically 20-25) simultaneously.  The data is sent only once through the network pipe, which greatly speeds up large scale deployments while reducing bandwidth consumption. 

Multicasting and task engine are tightly integrated to enable true "light off" deployment

The second major capability added to the K2000 is a new, powerful task engine.  The task engine is tightly integrated with multicasting deployment and provides for real time, two-way communications between the K2000 appliance and the devices that are being deployed or imaged.  The result is real time feedback on each deployment task for each device as well as much better handling of deployment tasks, such as multiple reboots.  The task engine also provides superior task automation for scheduling of pre and post deployment tasks, such as disk de-encryption prior to installation of a new OS, and deployment of applications post-image install.  Finally, the task engine provides centralized logging of all deployment tasks from the K2000 web console for easier and more effective trouble shooting.  Combined, these new capabilities of the K2000 can help you perform true “lights off” deployment – schedule an entire computer lab to be reimaged overnight, and come in the next morning with the job done.  No impact to end users and no loss of sleep for you. 

With the addition of the new task engine and multicasting, K2000 is faster, more reliable, uses less bandwidth, and helps you trouble shoot more efficiently.  These added capabilities help you do your job easier and move the K2000 to the front of the line when it comes to systems deployment and imaging solutions.  

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